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Defender 'Puma' 2007-2016 options

There must be hundreds, if not thousands of upgrades that can be fitted to defenders to personalise and upgrade them. Here are a few of our favourites. Although we are focusing on the facelift 'Puma' series, most upgrades can also be performed to the pre 2007 tdi vehicles, although prices may vary so please contact us for an accurate quote

Large screen Apple CarPlay & Android Auto head unit

From £819

Acoustic Treatment

From £299

Sound Package 1 - 2 way speaker upgrade with active sub


Sound Package 2 - Amplified 3 way speaker upgrade


Sound Package 3 - DSP Amplified 3 way speaker upgrade


LED Headlight upgrade - coming soon


Side / Rear panoramic glass

From £349

Misc - coming soon


All prices include VAT

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