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Toyota GR86 options

The GR86 is fitted with a CarPlay and Android Auto capable head unit and 6 speakers consisting of 2x tweeters on the dash, 2x 6.5" woofers in the doors and 2x 3" speakers in the rear. From our testing we found the stock system to be very underpowered, with distortion present at higher volumes. The doors gave a mixture of rattles and vibrations due to a total lack of sound deadening, and a very poorly installed factory water membrane. Rear speakers have very little output and the signal from the factory head unit is rolled off under 500Hz meaning its not really worth upgrading these unless you are also upgrading the amp.

Acoustic Treatment

From £199

Sound Package 1 - 2 way speaker upgrade


Sound Package 2 - 3 way speaker upgrade


Sound Package 3 - Amplified 3 way speaker upgrade


Sound Package 4 - DSP Amplified 3 way speaker upgrade


Sound Package 5 - DSP Amplified front & rear speaker upgrade


Sound Package 6 - Subwoofer

From £649

All prices include VAT

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